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Upcoming shows: November 25 at Edgwater Public Market!


Join now for concert reminders and free stuff!

Our 3HP VIP club is now operating via text - we promise not to reach out too much, but we will give you: 

  • concert alerts and information

  • contests for free schwag

  • discounts on merch

  • compliments on how amazing you are

Text 'join' to 888-487-1942, or click the free sticker button to be a 3HP VIP (and get that free sticker)!




Colorado-Based Alternative Music

3 Hole Punch is a Colorado-based alternative band, born of pandemic boredom and a massive love of music. We play covers, as well as write our own fresh tracks. We love rock n' roll, and have a soft spot for '90s alternative, but never rule out great music by artists we love. Don't be surprised if you you hear some Nirvana or Toadies followed up by Fleetwood Mac or Johnny Cash.

In our latest endeavor, we've been writing originals that speak to these crazy times we live in. Our first single, End of the World, explores what you should do knowing it's your last night on Earth. Our other songs, coming soon, also dance around that theme. Already Gone and Losin' It both talk about emotions that arise from living through chaos. Hail Storm tells the story of the potential in the beginning of a connection, and Betty White pays homage to losing one of the most lovable humans ever to have lived. 

Our band is made up of Jessica Seybold, Christian Seybold, and Orrick Nepomuceno. Christian used to play guitar and be a frontman, and now he's on drums. Jessica was a bass player - she kept the bass and added lead vocals to her reportoire. Orrick was a great bass player, and now is kicking ass playing guitar. Together, we haven't had this much fun in maybe forever. 

We can't wait for you to join us at a live show to dance and sing with us soon!



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